Forging Alloy Steel 6120

Chemical Analysis
C Carbon
0.17 – 0.22
Mn Manganese
0.70 – 0.90
P Phosphorus
0.04 max
S Sulfur
0.04 max
Si Silicon
0.20 – 0.35
Cr Chromium
0.70 – 0.90
V Vanadium
0.10 nom

General Characteristics of AISI 6120

AISI 6120 is a case – hardening, chromium – bearing steel with a small vanadium addition. Vanadium acts as a grain refiner, hence strengthener, but has no noticeable effect on hardenability.

Applications that use AISI 6120 Forgings

AISI 6120 is used in the manufacturing of highly stressed wear parts with medium cross sections for automotive and general engineering applications, e.g. forged camshafts, bushings and connecting rods.

Heat Treatment

Annealing: Due to its low carbon content, AISI 6120 may for the most part be processed without the need for annealing. In the event that small sections are to be forged, with a resulting fine structure – particularly in light of vanadium addition – normalizing would be carried out prior to case hardening and subsequent harden and temper.

Normalizing: Normalizing of this grade of alloy is carried out at a temperature in the region of 1650ºF (900ºC) followed by air cooling.

Hardening: AISI 6120 should be austenitized after case hardening at a temperature in the range 1550 – 1600ºF (845 – 870ºC) followed by oil quenching.

Tempering: AISI 6120 will be tempered at a temperature that is based on past experience and according to mechanical property requirements.

Machinability: AISI 6120 is readily machined following appropriate heat treatment.

Weldability: AISI 6120 is readily weldable by all fusion methods. Welding should be performed in the as-forged or normalized conditions only, not in the hardened and tempered condition.

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