Alloy Steel 52100

Principal Design Features

52100 is a high carbon, chromium containing low alloy steel that is through hardening and noted in particular for use as bearings.

C %  Mn %  P %  S % Si % Cr %
0.95/1.10 0.25/0.45 0.025 max 0.025 max 0.20/0.35 1.30/1.60

Forging & Forming Alloy Steel 52100

52100 may be formed by all conventional methods, including cold forging or stamping and hot or cold upset forming.

Common Applications

Alloy 52100 grade is primarily used for the manufacture of aircraft bearings and other highly stressed parts. It has the good rolling fatigue strength required at operating temperatures less than 400ºF (200ºC). The grade is preferably vacuum arc re-melted to give optimum performance.


Machinability of 52100 alloy is good by conventional methods. A spherodizing anneal at 1200 F before machining will improve the overall machinability of the alloy.

In the spheroidized condition is 45 percent of that of B1112 steel


No data given. This is a high carbon alloy typically used in bearing applications where welding is not applicable or appropriate.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment consists of heating to 1500 F followed by an oil quench for through hardening of the alloy. A normalizing heat treatment at 1600 F and slow cooling, to relieve machining stress, may be employed prior to the 1500 F and quench treatment.


This alloy is forged at 1950 – 2100ºF (1065 – 1150ºC), and should not be forged below 1700ºF (925ºC.) A post-forge equalization treatment is recommended at 1375ºF (745ºC) for 4-6 hours followed by air cooling.

Hot Working

Hot working, such as upsetting, may be done in the range of 400 to 1000 F.

Heat Treatment


For spheroidization the following iso anneal is recommended:
1500ºF (815ºC) for 3 hours
1350ºF (735ºC) for 4 hours
1250ºF (675ºC) for 3 hours
Slow cool to 1000ºF (540ºC) then air cool.


to desired hardness, using available tempering curves, following water or oil quench.


1475-1525ºF (800-830ºC) and water quench, OR
1500-1550ºF (815-840ºC) and oil quench

Density: 0.283

Specific Gravity: 7.83

Specific Heat: 0.114

Melting Point: 2595

Thermal Conductivity: 240

MCTE: 6.5

MoETensile: 29


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