Alloy Steel AISI 9260

General Characteristics Alloy Steel AISI 9260

Alloy steel 9260 is a high-silicon grade especially designed for its spring properties.

Chemical Analysis

C% Mn% P%  S% Si%
0.56/0.64 0.75/1.00 0.035 max 0.040 max 1.8/2.2


Leaf and truncated conical springs for automotive and general engineering

A recommendation for general applications is 1925 – 1560ºF (1050-850ºC) and for springs 1650 – 1560ºF (900 – 850ºC.) Parts should be slow cooled after forging or transferred to an equalization treatment.

Heat Treatment

Annealing: To produce a structure of coarse to fine spheroidite, parts should be austenitized at 1400ºF (760ºC) and cooled to 1300ºF (705º) at a rate of 10ºF/hr., or alternately cooled to 1225ºF (660ºC) and held for 10 hours as an iso-anneal.
Normalizing: 1650ºF (900ºC) and air cool. This will be an important treatment for this grade.
Hardening: Austenitize at 1525-1580ºF (830-860ºC) and water quench.
Tempering:  880-970ºF (470-520ºC)
Machinability: Parts could be machined following a spheroidize anneal
Weldability: The grade would not normally be welded.