Custom 455 Stainless Steel

Principal Design Features

This alloy is a martensitic stainless that combines corrosion resistance similar to 304, easy fabrication and one step age harden-ability yielding strength characteristics similar to martensitic stainless’. It possesses a yield strength that is roughly 3 times the strength of standard 304 stainless. This alloy is extremely stable during heat treating so it can be machined to close tolerance prior to aging.


Generally employed in applications where standard austenitics fail in terms of strength requirements in corrosive environments and martensitics fail in terms of corrosion resistance. It effectively brings together the best of both worlds.


Utilize speeds and feeds comparable with other martensitic stainless steels. Positive feeds and slow speeds will yield best results.


It is not necessary to preheat this material and both resistance and shielded fusion methods have been commonly employed. It is recommended, for best properties, that material be aged after welding, although this may not be necessary depending on the


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