Hastelloy B2

Principal Design Features

A wrought nickel-molybdenum alloy that can be used in the as welded condition. It is highly resistant to all concentrations and temperatures of hydrochloric acid. Also resistant to stress corrosion cracking and pitting.

Hastelloy B Forgings

Hastelloy B is one of the most popular nickel steel alloys for a reason. More than most other metals of similar chemistry, Hastelloy B offers superior protection against powerful chemical corrosion and comes with one of the best high-temp strengths of any steel. It’s no wonder that it’s the steel of choice for countless applications in the aerospace and petrochemical industries.

You can get the full range of finishing treatments here at All Metals & Forge to ensure the steel comes with precisely the properties you have requested. The ISO 9001:2000- and AS9100-certified techs here do it all, from quenching and annealing to surface hardening and traditional normalizing. Every piece is cut, cast, machined or forged to your precise tolerances, and you always get speedy service from these courteous professionals.

All Metals & Forge has spent years building a reputation as the nation’s premier supplier of specialty steels. OEMs contact the team here regularly for custom parts, and a number of companies rely on All Metals & Forge for so-called “designer alloys”–many of which may be one of a kind. Even if you need to get your hands on a foreign chemistry, All Metals & Forge can melt and form a perfect fit for your needs.


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