Hastelloy X™

What is Hastelloy X™?

Hastelloy X™ offers good strength while resisting oxidation in high-heat applications. A nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy, Hastelloy X™ offers good casting attributes and exceptional stress- and creep-rupture characteristics.

Hastelloy X Forgings

Nickel, chromium, molybdenum and iron make Hastelloy X one of the world’s most popular proprietary alloys. Its uncommon resistance to oxidation, combined with exceptional heat resistance and fabricability, make this steel a widely sought-after blend in a number of industries. If you are looking for the best prices, fastest turnaround times and most expert forms in this impressive grade, you have come to the right place.

OEMs and industry professionals come here for Hastelloy X for a variety of functions, including gas turbine engines, flame holders and more. Industrial furnaces often use the steel because intense heat and inert atmospheres provide little challenge to the alloy. And its ductility means it can be easily pounded or shaped prior to finishing–perfect for custom parts in any industry.

All Metals & Forge has long been committed to creating the perfect parts for its clients. Close tolerances, speedy shipping and friendly customer support have helped earn the ISO9001:2000 and AS9100-certieifed technicians here a berth as the nation’s foremost supplier of custom alloys. Simply put, there is no order too esoteric for the in-house experts, even in small batch quantities.

Chemical Composition of Hastelloy X™

  • Carbon 0.05-0.15 (wrought); 0.20 max (cast)
  • Silicon 1.00 max (wrought); 1.00 max (cast)
  • Manganese 1.00 max (wrought); 1.00 max (cast)
  • Chromium 20.5-23.0 (wrought); 20.5-23.0 (cast)
  • Iron 17.0-20.0 (wrought); 17.0-20.0 (cast)
  • Molybdenum 8.0-10.0 (wrought); 8.0-10.0 (cast)
  • Cobalt 0.50-2.50 (wrought); 0.50-2.50 (cast)
  • Tungsten 0.20-1.00 (wrought); 0.20-1.00 (cast)
  • Nickel remainder

Heat Treatment of Hastelloy X™

  • Anneal by heating to 2140°-2160°F (1171°-1182°C) for 15 minutes for each 1/8” of thickness
  • Air cool rapidly

Applications of Hastelloy X™

    • Chemical process industry
    • Metallurgical industry
    • Jet components, including:
      • Engine parts
      • Aircraft nozzle vanes
      • Cabin heaters
      • Tail cones
      • Collector rings

Machinability of Hastelloy X™

    • Machine in wrought and cast forms
    • Use plenty of cutting fluid
    • Cut at low speeds
    • Grind high-speed cutting tools in lathe and turning operations to 6-10° back rake, 5-8° side clearance, 8-10° front clearance, 8-14° cutting edge angle, 10-15° lead angle
    • High-speed steels cutting speeds:
      • 25-40 sfpm; feed of 0.003-0.008 in/rev. for turning
      • 20-45 sfpm; feed of 0.003-0.007” for drilling
      • 10-20 sfpm for tapping
      • 25-40 sfpm for milling
      • 20-60 sfpm for reaming
      • Work at higher speeds and use smaller angles with carbide-tipped tools

Workability of Hastelloy X™

  • Annealing produces ideal properties for fabricating sheets

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