Stainless Steel 416

Principal Design Features

416 was the first free machining stainless steel. It is a heat treatable chromium steel with excellent machinability and non-galling characteristics. The alloy is magnetic in all conditions.


A wide variety of screw machine parts including nuts, bolts, screws, gears and pinions, valve trim, shafts and axles.


Speeds and feed comparable with those of some of the free machining carbon steels. Good chip breakage. Material heat treated at 200 F and cold drawn will give best results.


Welding of any type is not recommended, as the high sulfur content creates porosity.

Hot Working

All hot work procedures should commence following uniform heating to 2100-2250 F (1149-1232 C). Hot work below 1700 F (927 C) may result in cracking.

Cold Working

This alloy will accept only minor cold working. Severe deformation will result in cracking.


1200-1400 F (650-760 C), air cool. For maximum softness, 1500-1650 F (816-900 C), furnace cool.


Temper to achieve properties desired. Avoid tempering in the range of 750-1050 F (399-566 C) to avoid a decrease in impact strength and corrosion resistance.


Soak at 1700-1850 F (927-1010 C) oil quench.

Density: 0.28

Specific Gravity: 7.7

Specific Heat: 0.11

Electrical Resistivity: 343

MoETensile: 29


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